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OFFICE HOURS of Office Freshman during the CHRISTMAS and NEW YEAR holidays
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Obligatory: Gr. 1-9 FH Aachen (JÜL) Field of study
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Placement Test / Group distribution

Obligatory to all students! Date and Time: Monday, 10. October to Wednesday, 12. Oct 10:00 a.m. and 10:30 a.m. Tuesday, 11. Oktober 2016 at 09:00h all...

Infomeeting/ Obligatory!!

Monday, 10. October          in English in the Chapel at 13:00   Obligatory for all students.    ...

Math Exam solution: integral, derivative

Here are the solutions for  the following problems: Integral and area Math_exercises_for_exam_preparation_Integral2_Area_Solution 2. Derivatives Exam_prep_derivatives_solution...

2016 Freshman Scholarships

Freshman Scholarship If you are interested in obtaining a scholarship, you can apply by e-mail to Please include your name and student ID...

Cafeteria Down Under

  Project - 'Cafeteria Down Under'   From Monday,  10th October 2016 Opening Hours:   Daily open from 11:00-15:30 Place: U001 (under R101 in the basement). Please...

Update! FH Aachen begin of study program

Information-Handout. Vortrag FH Aachen 03.06.16 FH Aachen, Jülich Campus at   9:00 a.m. in the Hörsaal 1 (H1) on 5. September 2016 Freshman certificates,...

2016 Appl. pic
Update: FH Aachen IOS application & Infomeeting – mandatory

Update: 2016-JÜL 1-10_Plan_Info_Leaving Campus Semesterbeitrag - Vorlage Semesterbeitrag Information  Information-Handout. Vortrag FH Aachen 03.06.16 Your current health insurance with Dr. Walter will be canceled automatically by...

DAAD: Study and research in Germany

Useful information for international students in Germany. Finding scholarships Ten steps in Germany ...

math consultation

Today (1.08.) from 10 am to 11 am math consultation in room 008. Each Student (Jül, DuE) can come up with questions....